Why do I have no girlfriend?

I've been told all my life that I'm attractive, good looking, handsome guy. Im a pretty decent guy, not perfect but good guy. I've heard from friends that girls have said I'm cute, etc. I have gotten stares from females in public before on a more than a few occasions. I have a good amount of friends and all say I'm funny, cool, etc. So I don't think it is my personality. My problem is that I've gone through life without ever having girlfriend and if people knew they would be shock. I'm in my mid 20's and do have this fear of never being with someone. It has started to effect my confidence a little. What am I doing wrong? Is that I need to be more forward and approach women? Please help.


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  • I think May be because of these reasons ( may be just one of these)

    1. You are not approaching a girl in right way. May be not starting conversation properly. Your conversations are boring and all.
    Try to find topic of common interest , let her speak. :)

    2. You are being shy. You are not that confident. Girls can see that , so they find this feature unattractive. I have seen many girls going out with not so attractive but confident guy.
    So try to be more confident.

    • Yeah I know a BIG problem is that I don't approach enough women. I freeze up kinda when I get into a conversation with women and end up cutting it short so I don't say something stupid. I know if I just show who I am I will click with the right chick. I know women are attracted to me for the most part from what I hear, but like you mentioned it is the conversation part that I need to show them.

    • Yeah, communication makes flow easy.
      Everything will be in your control if you can convey your thoughts easily.
      A guy who can't communicate is a deal breaker for me and most of us.

      Try to communicate without hesitation.
      Best of luck !!

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  • I was just like you at your age.. and still am.. I feel like I could have written this myself since i relate to it a lot.. I say wait, and talk to more girls, at church or work, find hobbies and start working out I'll help a lot.

    • Yeah what really shot my confidence recently was this young single mom 27 with 2 kids. She was reply flirty and touchy with me for the past few months. I asked her friend if she said anything about me and she said that a few times she mentioned I was cute. I got the nerve to ask her out and she said that I was too young for her kids, not daddy material basically. All I did was asked her out to see where it would go. She was like the one of first chicks that I kinda put myself out there and she turn me down. She said I was awesome and great guy though. It really is messing with me head to be honest. Like I know I have what it takes afraid this will happen again. I really started to like her.

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    • Thanks, I'm good now for the most part. I usually don't go for single moms. Lesson learned won't do that again. Lol

    • Sorry man but yeah... would you help me with my dilemma? Is similar but diff ok... I hung out with this friend I like yesterday. we had fun And we messed with each other and had a good time... and at lunch time we ate and smiles and laughs and got into a light deep convo about things. And sometime during she brought up a guy that supposly she likes or like and I ignored that comment and went on like I didn't hear it. But I did. And I felt that I was getting the run around with that... after we ate and went our separate ways., had you ever had this that could be a comment , easy to test you out or what do you think?

  • You cannot just have a girlfriend due to attractive looks you ought to be kind of interested in girls and approach one or two to talk regularly soon you even won't notice that these talks will turn into relationship