Flirty or Creepy?

Is texting a guy you used to "talk" to but haven't messaged in the past two weeks, "thinking of you today" a creepy text to a flirty text?

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  • Ngl I used that line several times with my crush. Unfortunately she didn't feel the same way after talking to her every day for five months. That sounds so depressing but I guess that's life :/

    • Thanks for the feedback! Thats similar to the situation i have... we talked everyday for about 6 months and in the time he told me he liked me (though we only talked over text/snap chat/facetime/etc. because but we aren't living in the same city until this July) but recently we haven't talked and at first I thought it was just because it was his exam week, and then mine, but now I don't know.

    • Oh wow sounds like quite the situation. I wish I could tell you how to beat the problem but I still haven't figured that out myself. All that I know is that the few times I have mentioned interest in girls it has ended up with rejection. I don't know what that sign means but I know for a fact that I must be doing something wrong... Or maybe picking the wrong girls to have a crush on lol

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