Online dating site having me Depressed? Please help?

I joined an online dating site because I'm in a new city and wanted to meet people around here. After about 2 days of joining I met this guy whom I instantly liked. We talked for a fews until we decided to meet up.

Before I go any further I'd like explain something. My photos are the best representation of me but are NOT altered in any way just good light and makeup and was wearing nice clothes but you can still tell that's me. I also model so I know how to work the camera, but again they still look like myself.

I get to meet him and he's a rude b*ch off the bat. He's not smiling he's like you look nothing like your pictures.. I start to burn a little inside and come out all defensive I say yes that's me just good angles and makeup... goes back and forth for a while of him being a complete d*ck. I was ready to have a good time but he rejects me and says thanks for wasting my fucking time and walks off.

Before I had gone to meet him I had gone to an interview previously and had my hair straight and quite smokey makeup yet my profile photos had quite soft makeup and wavy hair and just made me look more angelic I suppose yet I looked quite edgy with the makeup I was wearing when I met him so I looked different but still the same person. I can look one way for a second then completely different the next.
I then went to the bathrooms to cry like a little bitch because of the rejection and also because I had a lot of excitement in meeting him.
The thing is, I was dressed extremely nice for him and looked very nice, other men were looking at me (please don't think I'm a vain a**). He wasn't the most attractive guy out and to be honest I feel like I was out of his reach in the looks department (God please forgive my conceitedness) but he still dressed really nice and I was into him but not his shitty personality.

The way he was acting was like he either had complete ocd or had severe self esteem issues


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  • Look at it this way, you were able to weed out a true asshole before the first date even started. You saved yourself a lot of time, energy, and heartbreak by finding out what kind of guy he is up front rather than finding out several dates in (or more).

    I wouldn't sweat it. To a certain degree, it's a numbers game... Go on 5 first dates and maybe one guy is worth seeing a second time. I'm sure online dating ESPECIALLY you run in to all sorts of characters.
    Don't take any of his comments personally, he's obviously a jerk with no class, so it doesn't matter what his opinion is.
    Get right back at it, meet some other people. This guy was just an asshole.

    • Thank you very much :)

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  • That is the thing about the internet meeting people, the person can show their best lines to market to you but in reality, they are self loathing low downs ready to blow it up on others. You didn't take enuff time to know him well and test him out with certain questions.


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  • It has been my experience that dating sites are toxic.
    My suggestion would be to look up an old-fashioned introduction agency, one that has an office and wants you to do there for an interview.
    They screen people.
    They get lists of likes, dislikes and what you are looking for. They they compare those against the wish lists of men who fit your profile.
    Then, you are introduced to them.
    This goes a long way to removing the asshole factor.
    The numbers are also in your favour. People who own such agencies have told me that in the 18 to 35 age range they have five males to every female on their books.
    Some agencies are so desperate to get females on their books that women are not charged a fee, or, if there is a fee, it is only a token amount.

  • If you want a guy to like you... don't post pics that look nothing like you. His reaction is completely justifiable.

    • Don't post pics like that? the thing is I DO actually look like that but it's a very nice photo, I look like that in REAL life?

    • It sounds like his reaction was totally unjustified. If she posted pics of her from 10 years ago, or pictures of her cousin who kind-of looks like her, then fine. But she posted the best pictures of her that she had, and he was downright rude about it. If he didn't find her as attractive as the pictures made her look, then he could have followed through on the date, been polite and given an excuse to end the date quickly and without hinting at any interest that wasn't really there, and just say "Nice meeting you, I don't think this is the right match but good luck" and go on. I dunno. Just seems like this guy was a douchebag.

  • He is a dick, a real man would never do that.


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