Had you ever liked so much a guy/girl that you can't still get over it?

I mean like a crush, platonic love

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  • No
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  • Nah... got over all of it.

  • Yep. it only makes sense when its happens to you.

    • I guess you are right Im going through this moment and im much much older than you

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    • We dont have a future just friends but even like that we dont even see or hang out together

    • Life has a way of passing by. People too. All you can do is choose which ones to hold onto. Whether its in mind, spirit, your life, or love.. I've always found it difficult to discern where people belong. How you can hold onto them.. keep them with you and proceed on in life. Or if u can't, and u just have to use the good memories to propel you forward.. Who knows. Life isn't so simple or easy when you care. Its painful, you either endure, or you give up and let go. Nothing easy about either of those. The hard part is choosing.

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