Not dating for very long... how does this sound for his birthday?

He loves cheese, rum, and oreos, so as an "early celebration," since we're going on a road trip to an amusement park on his actual birthday next week, I'm cooking for him at my house Saturday.

I'm making this cheesy nacho beef dip that is AMAZING, watermelon rum margaritas, and I ordered an Oreo Blizzard Birthday Cake from Dairy Queen.

On his actual birthday, he gets a discounted ticket and free parking because of my membership at the amusement park, and after we leave there, I'm going to pick up the tab for dinner wherever he chooses.

Since we've only been dating for about 3 weeks, I think this is better than trying to figure out a gift to get him. What do you think? Do you think he'll like it?


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  • I think he'll love it

    • Thank you! I hope he does! 😊

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