When you get asked out while still having a lot of interest from other options do you ever sort of prioritize the options?

ok I get happy feelings warm feelings from guys who mention they want to meet me out dancing. Or they want my number. But in my mind I prioritize. I am like
1st pick guy that wants to go dancing with me who has a daughter!!!
2nd was the guy I already looked into and it seems to not be going anywhere.
3rd my friend that I have known a tear that I dance with and talk to and laugh with
4 friend I drink with and have deep talks with and we dance a bit. I feel too much physical pressure though.
5) anyone else

So I sort of put off some people in case my number one priority option asks me out. He has been out of town and busy do I rarely see him but I saw him the other day and it felt good! We hardly have a few quick moments to visit. But I suspect one day he will meet me dancing!


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  • I think we all (male and female) do this to some degree


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