How to tell if she didn't want to really kiss you?

I went on a second date with this girl, I walked her home and when we got to her door, we mentioned that we should do something again, and there was a pause so I went in to kiss her, thinking back I'm not sure she really moved that much into the kiss and when we did she didn't really kiss me back much I don't think, I'm now really worried that she didn't want to kiss me and that I screwed it up, and I feel like I should apologise for it. How do you know if she's didn't really want to kiss you?

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  • If she didn't do anything from her side to embrace the kiss and made you feel like she didn't kiss you back then there's a good chance she didn't want to kiss. Me and my boyfriend had our first kiss on our first date and it is pretty obvious that we both wanted to kiss each other due to the passion of it. If there wasn't any passion then you know she wasn't feeling it. She might think it's too soon or just aren't ready for it. Maybe next time bring it up and say you feel awkward about it.

  • The best way to tell is how she acted afterward.

    • Well she said something about doing this again, and then I was like I'm free most of the time, but that I should text her so she could check when she's free, but I sent her a text the next day and she didn't respond.

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    • I sort of did a stupid thing and asked her if she liked me at all, because if she didn't and didn't really want to see me again, I'd rather know now. And she said she didn't really know me, as we've only really met up a couple of times, but she enjoys talking to me and has fun seeing me, but she doesn't necessarily have feelings but she doesn't know, and that she's a reserved person. I meant this to be more of a would she like to see me again, or should I just stop trying to contact her question, but it's come out sort of more full on than I expected. I was thinking of asking her if she wants to meet up before I leave on Tuesday/Wednesday, but I'm not sure how much point there is.

    • Always try! When you ask her if she says yes then I'd assume that she was still interested. She might still be thinking about her feelings. If she makes some kind of excuse I'd take the hint and assume she isn't interested. good luck!

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