Dating help needed please?

Okay so my friend Julia is beautiful, athletic, funny, smart with a really nice ass. It's safe to say I have a crush on her (minus the fact she smokes pot and drinks 😑). She used to say that if she was single and I asked her out she'd say yes. Well she's single. Since it's summer I was thinking of asking her out to a movie. One idea I had was to ask her out and basically explain that if she has fun we can keep going out, if not big whoop. She's normally more of a logical person so would this work?
Also I'm awful with flirting. Can y'all give me some good examples of stuff to say to her?
Another thing that I might explain is that the thing is I've never had my first kiss and I want it to be with someone who means something to me, which she does and if she asked what would we do (in detail) I'd tell her this. Good idea or no?


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  • This will be easier said then done, but don't try and be shy about expressing your feelings. Tell her that she is very special to you, despite some faults you still see her as beautiful girl. Be honest with her, and if you do become nervous; tell her. Explain that if you seem nervous it's because you really like her and you'll respect if she doesn't want to date; but you would really like it if you could. I believe you have a good plan and you should go with it, good luck!


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  • How about asking her on a date? You don't need to specifically say it's a date, but suggest going to lunch somewhere nice, maybe followed by a walk in the park or going somewhere fun? Use it as an opportunity to talk just the two of you, get to know each other better, and feel her out (not physically) and see what kind of vibe you get.
    Towards the end, you could tell her that it's been a lot of fun and that you enjoy spending time with her. Ask if she would like to do it again some time. Hopefully you'll be able to read her body language and gauge her interest level. If she seems to be having fun and enjoying her time with you, plan your next date together (doesn't have to be right then and there), and bring her a small bouquet of flowers (be finding out what her favorite colors are, go to a florist and have them help put something together for you based on her favorite color (s) and personality. If you can't do that, grocery store flowers are fine too!) Don't do roses yet. Just a small bouquet of something bright and cheerful.
    Present these to her when you go to pick her up for the next date, I'm sure she'll be flattered and it will set the tone for the future.
    From there you can ask her how she feels about continuing as more than just friends. If she's on board, feel free to go for a kiss on the cheek when you drop her off afterward.