Why are girls' opinions on me so divided?

I've noticed since I started college that girls' opinions of me are really divided. There are some girls like my girlfriend who think I'm a significant catch, and yet there are others who wonder how I even got a girlfriend. This makes no sense to me.

I think I'm an attractive guy who has a few things going for me. I'm tall and not repugnant to look at, I play club sports, and I'm successful academically in a challenging major. I would never think that every girl would want me or anything like that, but I would think that opinion about me would be pretty even across the board. That's just not the case. My girlfriend is gorgeous and thinks I'm a somebody, but other girls (some of them not very attractive at all) who think I'm decidedly not attractive. Why is this?


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  • Probably because you're unusual in some way. Guys who are unusual will really excite some girls and totally turn others off. For instance, I'm really attracted to guys with muscle, but most girls think the guys I like are gross. So to me they're sooo gorgeous, but to other girls they're actually repellent. So there must be something about you that is unusual.

    • That's interesting. I am very tall (6'6"), so maybe that's what puts off a lot of girls?

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    • Yes, my girlfriend is super fucking hot. That's what caused me to ask this question, actually, because there are girls who have asked my girlfriend why she's with me. Her response has always been 'because he's hot,' and the girls just don't see it. But yes, there are some girls who really like me, fortunately. And I agree, the small girls like me the most. My girlfriend is 5'3", so she's in that category.

    • You won't be for everyone, but you're getting a hot girl every night, so you should be happy lol. Just give it time. Most young girls just aren't into guys like you, so you'll have to wait until you get older to get those older women who are dying to meet a guy like you.

  • Because people are all different and all have different wants and preferences.

    • I know, but you wouldn't expect one girl to rate me as a 9 and another to rate me as a 2. That's what's so unusual.

    • C'est la vie