Is it bad to hit on a girl with a bf/girl breaking up to be with someone else?

the two sides of the argument

first side that says its fine because
- they werent right for each other
- she found someone better for her
- their relationship was not good/strong enough to not end because of someone else
- using the relationship so she wouldn't be considered single/ didn't have the courage to leave the relationship

other side says its NOT okay because
- would you like it if it happened to you? /karma
- respect the girls feelings (if she happened to get feelings for another guy, could cause a love triangle, hurt the other guys feelings if she lost interest in her bf)
- if she broke up with someone else to be with you, she would do the same to you

i personally believe that if i had a girlfriend and she broke up with me to be with someone else thats fair game. that means the relationship was not good and she found someone better for her/ then i could find someone better for me as well

what do you all think?


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  • Not cool, man.


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  • i agree with this because it takes devotion and if thee is not enough devotion there not need trying when you both want to be apart.

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