Am I annoying him?

Ok so there is this guy I like. We have known each other our entire life but haven't talked in YEARS! We recently started talking again. He moved to a different state for the summer so we haven't been able to talk except for over snapchat (I don't have his # and I'm waiting for him to ask me for mine) when we are texting I'm always starting the convos. But we will usually talk for a while like equal participation in the convos. but then he will randomly quit texting in the middle of the convo and not text me back till hours later. He also has a girl friend (I've heard they continue to break up and get back together) I'm juSt texting him as a friend. We do flirt quite a lot though (he usually starts the flirting) QUESTIONS Do you think he likes me? Am I annoying him? *I'm open to any advice so please anything you have!* Thank you so much!!


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  • hmm this is honestly tricky. it sounds like he likes you but he really can't start anything out of it since he has an off and on again girlfriend. and about the annoying, he might just be busy, but you might want to relax on the snapchatting if its like every day

    • Thank you for the help! This is kinda what I was thinking but needed reasurance. Again if you have any other advice let me know!

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  • If he has a girlfriend and is flirting with you then why are you interested in him? He's a player. Would you like your boyfriend flirting with other girls someday?

    • It's not really like that more like friendly flirty.

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    • @tc1203 yah, I really don't think he is a player he isn't really that kind of guy.

    • @tc1203 If you havs a girlfriend but flirt with other girls you are a scumbag. End of story.