Am I a stalker?

I liked this guy and recently a friend told him I talk about him so now i guess he might know my feelings. A friend told me he in his class and I plan to go once per week at the time the class finishes to the excuse im seeing my friend to see him and chat with him. Am i stalking him? He seemed nervous cus i said bye to him punching fists but he continued talking and he said that he will see me around during this semester or next one? is he avoiding me or he might like my presence?


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  • yup, you like someone, now tell him you like him, he's nervous and doesn't know what you want, he's not going to make moves cause thats usually the girls job.


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  • Not really, you're not really following him around. Just don't start showing up in too many of the same places dude.

    • usually we just run into each other by chance and he is the one that notices me most of the time just yesterday was planned and i actually was there to hang with my friend too.

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  • you are , sorry but Idont like girls stalkers

    • thanks for your opinion.

    • thats ok but girls have one problem: they think "I think he guesses about my feelings..." GIRLS WE GUYS can't READ YOUR MIND AND IF YOU HAVE FEELINGS YOU NEED TO TELL THAT...

    • well i asked him his phone number just went to the back for it, i smile a lot (he does too) and my friend talked i talk about him.

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