He didn't break up with his ex, how to confront him?

I feel miserable! He was everything I've ever wanted, he was awesome, he made me feel things I've never felt before! But he is an asshole, he didn't break up with his ex! He told me secrets, and stuff, and was honest with me except this! I've always had doubts, but well.. I still played the game. And right now I don't know what to tell him, how should I confront him! I am afraid I will show too many emotions and I don't wanna look like a fool! I don't wanna overreact, I need some explications. I don't want this to end, it didn't even started... Please, help! What should I do?


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  • So is this a guy you are or were dating? Did you sleep with him?

    This guy sounds like a real jerk. If he lied to you and told you that he wanted to be with you and that he was leaving his girlfriend, that is not cool. But I would not start seeing someone until they broke up with their girlfriend. But if he said he did, that is even worse.

    The best thing you can do is just move on. He's made his choice. Obviously he would rather stay with his girlfriend than deal with a break up. Not sure why, it seems odd, especially if he seems to want to see other people. But it's safer to not pursue this guy anymore.

    He sounds like bad news! Trust me, you don't want to date a liar. If he hurt you like this now, imagine what he will do when you are in a relationship!

    Before getting together, it's usually both people who are on their best behaviour. If this is really the best he has to offer, then you need to run away from this guy!

    You are not overreacting by being hurt. If this person lied to you then you have every right to be upset. I personally wouldn't give him the ability to explain away his lies. Liars only lie more to cover up the lies.


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  • Make This... The End, my Friend.
    It will never be Anything but a Full Circle Problem Pattern down a Bad Path.
    You can no longer Trust him, Forget him, And... Don't look like a Fool by even Attempting to Face him nor Get some sort of "Explanations."
    Game over. Consider yourself the Winner with this Sinner.
    Good luck. xx

  • Get your story together and confront him. How did you find out, and how do you know for sure, do you have proof? If you do that's all you need. Show it to him, and just go, "explain." I don't know why you're worried about showing too many emotions, so what if you do? What have you guys done together already?

  • Get yourself together first, think about what you wanna say, you deserve so much better than that!!! even if all your emotions pour out its fine, let him see what he did to you and how much he's gunna lose , hope your alright girlie xx

  • Take it as a loss

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