2 months of dating but never had "the talk" He is now inviting me to "see" his new place. is sex all he wants?

6 dates over 2 months, 6 hr+ date each time. We get on very well, we have only kissed so far. We didn't even dry hump, the "worst"hes done is touching the skin of my lower back and had his hand in my back pocket.

He once said to me he can only do it with emotional connections. However we've never had the exclusive talk... nor have we meet friends. He did once invite himself to watch a movie with my friend, but my friend bailed. He probably just wanted to see the movie and not such much about getting to know my friends...

I'm not sure how to proceed now..


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  • '6 dates over 2 months, 6 hr+each Time'.. This is definitely a Good Sign.
    It appears that Joe is taking it Slow with his own Flow, Not rushing into anything. He seems to enjoy being with you, is showing respect, and with Nursing and nurturing Something Special that you both seem to have found, if anything with More in Store should come About... It will be with his own emotional connections that are coming from his heart.
    Follow his lead. Good job so far. You are not being pushy, needy nor clingy, which I would Say... Will get you a 7th date and one day, a Potential Mate.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks I guess I should take it even slower to get him to have emotional connections.. or else physical stuff might ruin it!

    • So welcome... and Mother Nature is in there somewhere, don't over think it, just let it happen with a special seed indeed she has already planted. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • I don't think any guy would put himself on the line for two fucking months if all he wanted was sex.

    • He could be sleeping with other people while going on dates with me?

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    • Six times in two months? What a relationship that is.

    • he's never had the talk, and both our dating profiles are still active.. I'm not meeting anyone else, doens't mean he is not

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  • I don't think sex is all he wants. A/w make it clear to him that you don't want to sleep with anyone, unless you're in a relationship.