Guy I'm dating drops off the face of the earth on a Friday night?

He's very shy, sweet, and all around has been everything I'm looking for. He even brought up that he deleted his OKCupid account, wasn't trying to rush it because we're still getting to know each other, but that he was interested in me only, and that he hoped I felt the same. I've met his family. Though he takes a while to text sometimes, he always gets back with me.

I've been planning a little something special for his birthday today. I'm cooking some of his favorite things and ordered him a nice birthday cake.

Yesterday, he asked what time I wanted him to come over today, if there was anything he could bring to help out, and said he hoped I had a good day.

I replied that sometime after lunch would be fine, it didn't matter to me, and I'd start cooking around 5. I told him all he needed to bring was his handsome face and an appetite. I wished him a good day.

To me, I was hoping to get a time or some kind of conformation of when he was coming. My last text to him was at 2:30pm yesterday. It's now almost 8am on the day we are supposed to hang out.

Am I wrong to think it's a bit weird that he just dropped off the face of the earth yesterday without any confirmation? Or am I reading too much into it?

I'm thinking of sending this:

"Hey! You seem a little busy lately and I was wondering if you'd like to postpone tonight for another time?


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  • Reading too much into it. Just because he hasn't texted you doesn't mean he's busy and he doesn't want to hang out. You don't actually have any indication that he seems busy. He probably took yesterday's text as confirmation because you had settled on a time when he'd be coming over. If anything just go "morning! Looking forward to seeing you later tonight :)" and that'll give him the option to either reschedule if he actually needs to (though I don't think he will) or reassure you by going "yep, see you later!"

    • He actually just texted me, answered my last text, and settled on a time. I think he maybe just needed some alone time last night. If I ever get in this situation again and he doesn't text, I think I'll shoot him a text like you suggested. Seems like a good way to start a convo without being pushy or presumptuous. Thank you!

    • You're welcome! Have a fun date night! 😁

    • Thank you for MH :) hope it went well!

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  • Girl, girl!!! You and your crush are still knowing each other. So please make your mysterious and Independent girl. I think you overdose the situation by cooking something to him. However for now act cool and believe me he will do anything to get your attention. Don't write any other message until he reply. Keep this *you are girl*

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