Help!!! This guy and I have been hanging out then he just stop talking to me, should I ask him I'F he's mad at me or just ignore it?

I would ignore it so he comes to me but I don't know if it will work out.
I do want to find out.
I know he's busy with work but then I don't know.

Any opinions?


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  • I think you should.

    • What ask him?
      How come?

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  • You have probably just been "ghosted" on. When someone realizes he is not that interested or whatever happens and they just disappear. It is a very cowardly way to handle things, I admittedly have done it before, but it also recently happened to me. It sucks and you can try reaching out to him but I would only do that once or twice and if you don't get a response then he is ghosting. You can then either give him a piece of your mind about doing that to you or you can stop talking to him which shows that you will be just fine without him anyways and didn't care that much. I chose the last option, I am not going to keep trying and get all angry, I will just walk away with pride and confidence that someone better will come along.

    • Well he been interested for so long so I don't understand and I did text him asking if he was mad at me and all he said was no I don't get it, why the short response

    • I know, they will be interested or seem interested. It happens out of no where and blindsides the other person. That is what sucks about it. Or maybe, he is actually mad about something and not admitting it. I am glad you have never been ghosted on but the problem with it is that they are hanging out and everything seems fine and for whatever reason they just disappear because they are too cowardly to talk to you and break it off. I hope this is not the case, but it sounds like it could be.

    • I don't know

  • Ignore it. He's probably a player who cheated on his ex and has a new girlfriend

    • I know for a fact he didn't

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