We haven't been on a date. What should I do?

I met this amazing girl on tinder (yes shocking, but I guess I got really lucky), and she works all week 9:00-6:00 or 1:00-10:00 and I'm at college Monday through Thursday all day. She and I want to meet for dinner, but if I'm not busy she is. She lives a hour and a half from me and she will be moving at the end of July nearly 3 and a half hours away from me. She is super interested in me and I have the same amount of interest. We text 24/7 except when she is working or I'm in class. What exactly is the right choice here? She and I have agreed to discuss the issue and right now we're pondering the subject. I really need help here because I don't want to lose her.


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  • Sounds like it can't work with both your schedules :(

    • Not even long distance?

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