Guy won't take the hint that i'm not interested. What should I do?

So i was talking to a guy online. At first he was lovely and we got along really well, then he called me and said I sounded like a man and mature... I'm 23 and a really girly girl so this was a massive insult.

I flat out told him that he insulted me and I didn't think we would be right for each other in a later text. He however keeps trying to call and message me despite me blocking and ignoring him.

Guys why on earth would you insult a girl like this on your first phone conversation and someone you've never even met, and then expect her to be okay with it? How should I handle this?


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  • tell them straight up.

    • Already have. He won't take it.

    • block him on everything. tell him that persistence won't work, when a girl makes up her mind there is no changing it.

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  • Be more direct. Tell him that he is annoying you.


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  • Stop hinting. Start stating.


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