I'm needing good stuff to keep conversation going with my girlfriend?

I am talking to my girlfriend a lot and just feel at times out of things to talk about. Is that natural? And also is there a way to find good ways to keep it going? do I need to ask my girlfriend if I am talking to much?


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  • If you're serious about this woman, you shouldn't feel pressured to always be speaking with her. You should be comfortable sitting in a room silently with her without feeling the need to talk. If you, theoretically, married this woman, there's no way you'd have something to talk about every minute along the way. Also, try to make sure you're not spending too much time together as that will limit the independent things that happen to each of you and give you more to talk about. You could also try to pick up a hobby with her and that way you'll have something to talk about when you run out of other things.

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