He told me he was ready to be exclusive and I told him didn't want to move too fast?

He was totally okay with it and said he respected me wanting to take things slow, but that he knew I was the only one he was interested in and was ready.

He told me he wanted to be honest and that he had been texting two other women (even though we agreed to delete our OKCupid accounts this week), but that he wanted to stop and only talk to me. He said he didn't know how I felt and didn't want to not be on the same page about being exclusive (and be blindsided), so that's why he hadn't stopped talking to other women.

I told him I really liked him a lot, but wanted to take things slow, so I wanted to wait to become exclusive (relationship). I asked him if he still wanted to stop talking to other people even though I wanted to wait on declaring ourselves in a relationship? I told him I didn't want it to be unfair, though I didn't want to talk to other men. He said whatever it took to prove he only wanted to be with me. We both agreed to only talk to each other.

He also admitted to being afraid of coming off as clingy, which is why he would take a while to respond to my texts. This is because I had made a remark about clingy men in one of our earlier conversations. I told him I loved hearing from him and to text me whenever he wanted to. He said he was relieved because seeing my name on his phone was the highlight of his day.

He brought me flowers and I made him dinner/bought him a birthday cake. We just talked, played video games, watched a movie, cuddled and kissed each other tenderly.

I'm really crazy about this guy even though it's only been 3 weeks. It feels so different. As much as I wanted to say "Yes, I want to be your girlfriend," I feel like I overrode my feelings and said "Let's take it slow."

I'm kinda regretting my decision. Or, is it a good idea that I didn't agree to be exclusive just yet? It feels so right, but I don't want my infatuation to override truly making sure I want to be his girlfriend.


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  • You are being mature.

    You clearly are a level headed girl who realise that she wants a relationship for the long run. I think 3 weeks would be too quick. Get to know him better first and even better, let him work for your love. He claims that he is talking to two other women , lets see how loyal or honest he can really be.

    • Thank you so much. I'm trying to be mature and level-headed. I wasn't in the past and I wound up dating some not so nice men. I feel like I jumped into things, not thinking clearly. I really want to be sure this time. Exactly! I want to see him prove his loyalty. I really want a relationship. I think the fact that he understands and respects my decision - he said he was glad we could talk and decide not to talk to others because it's a big step in the right direction and he wants me to trust him - is a good sign. I'll just have to wait and see how it unfolds in the coming weeks.

    • Yes, good for you. Make him sweat. All the best :)

    • thanks for mho

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  • You sound so unsure and him too, reading this feels like you are negotiating for a contract, more than being mutually on the same page. It feels forced, unpredictable and not meant to be.

    • He said he was afraid of being vulnerable, not that he was unsure. We aren't negotiating a contract. We are communicating, which is a good thing. So many people dating can't do that and wind up in a lot of unnecessary games and not knowing where each other stand. It doesn't feel forced, unpredictable, or not meant to be. It actually feels quite the opposite.

    • You guys are uncertain about each other.

    • Look at the way you write and words you use.