So I move on? is he playing games?

So I know the answer seems pretty obvious but I more wanna know what happened.

we work together he's my age and there was obvious chemistry going on, he would seem invested in me ask about my weekend, what I got up to last night. Would laugh at all my jokes. So he's moved work places as part of his rotation. And I added him on Facebook and though I'd send him a message. Messages were detailed but they always seemed to end. I would flirt with him and he would flirt back but I would reply and Would have seen it. What I wanna know if you don't want to talk to someone don't you usually avoid the message and not read it? Also (not creeping or anything) it came up on my Facebook news feed that he commented on a meme about paying hard to get after we had just messaged. And he's the type of person that never likes anything on Facebook or post anything. So what makes a man flake and act all into you in person but not in text? I have not see. Him in five weeks and he comes back to the base where I am working at tomorrow. But don't wanna get my hopes up.


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  • Mostly it's a indication that he's not seriously interested in pursuing you but it's not like he completely has no interest whatsoever and still wants to at least be on friendly terms. Think of it this way - he doesn't want to be completely rude and ignore you so he still tries to make a effort and wants to keep one foot in the door. Overall though, don't wish too much on this. But then again he could also just be lazy and prefer real life interaction.

  • Hahaha, not all the person are same dear. I am just like him not posting or likes any post on the Facebook. But I like the posts that my boyfriend post it. But wait little more and see what's coming next. I just think that he give you a account that he Raley use it, I think that he didn't give you his really Facebook account.

    • But the thing is , he's always online!

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    • Thanks heaps for the advice !

    • Always welcome, always there for you.

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