Ever start to date someone at work and see them flirt with other girls all day?

I had dated this guy not officially we hung out we had intense energy! I was consoling him during some tragedy. We hooked up a few times then he ended up treating me like I was just a coworker friend. And he had other girls swooning over him. And he hangs out with them in the break rooms. People tell me. It gives me anxiety cause I did a lot for him. Loaned him money for a plane ticket to a funeral. Now I feel like that makes it way worse! I feel extra betrayed! I have someone else a better quality person interested in me. If anything those girls will get used and cast aside too and they know I can't stand them. And I like everyone. I wash acing anxiety stacks at work over it! Now I got a message from my old boss that quit who I always crushed on. It was the sweetest voicemail ever things guys don't say! He is just different more real and what he said made my day made me get ready eyes how committed he is to making something happen with us. How he loves my energy how beautiful my energy is and how drawn to me he is! So I went in and sat down knowing those girls are still fighting over a guy that will borrow money and drink and flake and cheat! And I have a genuine man that cherishes me! I went in and sat down with lthis confidence and joy that made her wonder! Good!!!


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  • It has never happened to me. A/w, you obviously got played.

    • I know he messaged me today trying to make me feel guilty for not asking how he is doing as he goes through stuff I was like ask the other girls! I am seeing someone that respects me

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  • I never socialize outside of work. Never will get into relationship.


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