Is this guy a player or what? PLEASE HELP :((?

So there's this guy that had a huge crush on me. We started to hang out and he's so sweet, I started liking him too. We would hang out all the time and text everyday but in the past month it's all changed. We haven't hung out at all other than see each other at school. We hardly text. Last week I asked if he wanted to hang out and he said "ummmm sure" but then cancelled later. There's this girl in most of his classes who has a huge crush on him and they're really good friends and study together etc (him and I aren't in the same grade). But he told me that he doesn't like her that way. Just yesterday he changed his profile pic to a picture of him and her with the dog snapchat filter and it was at a house on a Saturday. The other day we were sitting in the library together and he didn't say anything to me and gave one word answers. He left 15 minutes before the bell and said he had to "get ready". Now all of these things are signs that he doesn't like me, but WAIT.

Yesterday I snap chatted him using the scary filter. He replied "nah still to pretty to be scary". On Thursday and Friday on my way to my classes he would be standing by the entrance and neither of us would say anything because our friends were there (and they tease us a lot) but as soon as I went in he followed me. I was sitting on the couch on Thursday too and he came out of no where and gave me a hug and asked what's up and everything. He's SUPER shy and apparently liked me since November, so he had a crush on me half a month after we met, and that was 9 months ago. We've been talking for 2 months. I didn't think players had long term crushes. What is happening?


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  • he doesn't know what he wants just be his friend and move on. trust me

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