Apology letter to ex?

I've been thinking lately that I want to write an apology letter to my ex. It's been a year since I got dumped and during that time I've dated to other women that were notable, went on several forgettable first dates and had a few shitty hook ups. But I still have feelings for my ex and I want a second chance with her in the future. The reason we broke up is that I got clingy/controlling/jealous. I don't have that problem any more. When we dated I had just gotten out of a very long term relationship and I didn't know how to date. I put a lot of pressure on it and expected a relationship way too quickly, hung out too often etc.

I'm not super emotional about it anymore but I do want her back. I want to write her a letter saying that I'm sorry for getting needy and jealous, that I've had a lot of experiences since then and I see how bad it was. Not asking for a second chance, just apologizing because a) I feel embarrassed about having done that and b) to reset so if we do cross paths in the future she knows that the reason it didn't work out (on my end) is fixed

Should I send it? Ladies how would you respond to a letter like that?

Important note is that she may not be single. I don't keep tabs on her or know what's going on in her life, but I heard a while ago that she was dating someone. I don't know if that's still going on or how serious it is, but for the purposes of this let's assume she is still seeing someone.



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  • It's time to move dude. Seriously. It's been long enough


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  • So far I think it's a bad idea man.

    She probably hates you since she dumped you and it's been a long time. Sending that will let her know you've gone soft, and she probably will not care, or even feel better about herself.

    I've had bad experiences with dating before. Really bad ones. From a girl spitting out lies and BS in every sentence to cheating and finding out she was a hoe.

    Trust me on this. She won't feel sorry for you :/

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