Should I be worried about the guy I'm dating and his female roommate?

So I met this guy online recently. We have started to really kick it off and I do see him as a potential boyfriend. When we first started dating he would always talk about his female roommate and good friend Emily. They went to the same college and had the same major, she was also the one to convince him to move in with her from another state.

I did question it when we started dating as to why he kept bringing her up so much, was it a comfortable topic since we were still getting to know each other? I don't know. Emily has a boyfriend, he comes over often but I just can't help but to be paranoid. I feel like we are gonna continue dating for a long time then he'll eventually leave me for Emily. We are still so fresh in the relationship I'm not even going to ask plus Emily was there before I was. I don't know what to think, am I just being paranoid?


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  • Its a psychological thing.
    Let's say you're a kid and you made a drawing. You bring it to your parents. Why? Because you're excited about the picture and you want their approval.

    Same thing goes for here. He brings her up often because he's excited about her, which is a very bad sign.

    I don't blame you for being paranoid, even I would be. But the thing is, even if they're just "friends" and "roommates", you can be assured that they have had their temptations.

    So far for me, I think they're both cheating on each other's dates. It's just my opinion.


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  • I'd be worried if I was in your position too.


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  • I would be kind of iffy about it as well. Perhaps you should meet Emily and see for yourself?

    • I've met her! I go to his house all the time, she's nice I guess. Doesn't really talk to me much but I still feel weird about it. He brings her up often

    • That's a red flag in my opinion.

  • Nah.. I wouldn't be comfortable in your situation either.


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