My male friend is touching, hugging and gazing at me more and more every time I see him... does he like me?

I've known him for years and see him once or twice a week briefly but recently he changed his behaviour towards me... he started hugging me, staring into my eyes etc.

it is escalating. He now hugs me on meeting and leaving (even if we only see each other for a matter of minutes), he once buried his face in my hair and kissed the side of my head, he touched my fingers a while ago when he knew I was worried about something and last time I saw him he looked me in he eyes and reached out to touch then stroke my arm

he has never asked me out and we are always surrounded by people when we see each other

i like him... but I'm doubting if he likes me or if I am over interpreting...

he doesn't act this way towards anyone else... I've never even seen him hug anyone else...

Would a man act this way towards a girl he just sees as a friend?


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  • Some people are just flirty in general that would suck if you said something and it ruined your friendship but you should do it anyways. if you have him on FB start talking to him more and try to find out. Seems like he likes you.