I'm not sure what happened/is happening between us?

We were ridiculously in love for about 10 months.
Then he left for uni a few hour away. The first few months were fine but he started getting distant THEN one day he just stopped talking to me.
Literally a week before I had been to visit and he had been all over me, in love with me, showering together, comfortable with me. The next week our conversations had stopped completely.

Occasionally he will talk to me. The conversations are short and not what they used to be. It's hard to talk to him properly and he's so not into it. He messages me when I am out clubbing, and last week he randomly messaged me out of the blue, we had a good conversation and he even said "I miss your gym gear" when i said i was off to the gym. But when i have talked to him since, not traction whatsoever.
He's replaced me. Not with a girlfriend, but with a whole bunch of friends (who are girls, but just friends) AND I think he is sleeping around a bit.

We met up a few weeks ago and it was fine. He hugged me, he kissed me but then he left and it returned to normal. He told me that it had become to serious between us. It was fine when we were serious in the holidays, but something changed...

I miss him like crazy. I miss what we had and most of all i miss our friendship. He was my best friend and I miss talking to him everyday. I miss being able to tell him exciting things happening in my life. I have loved people before, but not like this, and i honestly don't know what to do... I don't know how someone can give up on love like that.


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  • He has another woman or he doesn't like commitment

  • He is no longer interested in you. Move on.

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