Should I let my dreams guide me?

Hello everyone. I've been having weird dreams about someone I loved for over "five weeks".
We loved each other, we were best friends. But our families had issues because of our religions. We couldn't end up together. Our friendship had a sad ending and we have not been seeing each other since a year. He was really sad because I stopped talking to him, cut all the contact.
My dreams, have PHASES. Literally. They have chapters. Let me sum my DREAMS up quickly:
1) At first he was all quiet and angry. Staring at me from a distance, and then turning his back and going away. Fading. (2 week full of this dream)
2) The next phases I was trying to speak to him. He was refusing, angrily. He still had that broken look in his eyes. (2-3 dreams)
3) Suddenly, he started to give short answers. I said "Lets talk." and he said "Yes." but we couldn't speak. (2 dreams) He was in a crowd, always. Being distracted and unable to talk to me.
4) Yesterday night, I was in my house and it was all dark. I called him, crying. After many dreams and many nights I had crying, I heard him saying "I missed you so much.". I could literally feel him smiling.

What do these dreams mean? Is it just my mind playing games, or should I listen to them? Thank you so much...


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  • They don't mean anything. They are only dreams.

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