Would you have a problem with your partner using Tinder to make new friends?

Would you have a problem with your partner using a dating app to primarily make friends? And your partner gave you heads up, and only if you were okay with it? Would you try to encourage your partner to find other means of making friends or help them make friends?


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  • Using tinder to make friends is like using a boulder to tap down a nail

    • Lmaooooo love this analogy xDD

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  • Yes, because he'd be the dumbass to get kidnapped and held for ransom. ಠ_ಠ

    • That's a little extreme

    • My husband is a very special case... I love him, but he's so trusting and easy to take advantage of.

    • Aww :(

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  • That's so desperate in my opinion lol can't you have friends the normal way?

    • Nah, you're overlooking it too hard. You can have friends, but its just being able to expand more of your social network.

  • of course I would have problem/

    No tinder or any other dating apps

    • So are there any apps that promote making friends?

    • He can try meetme

      something like that.

      && no need for apps to make friends.
      He just needs to find hobbies (which I guess meetme kind of is about ) , He will meet people the more welcoming he is

    • It's for me.