Ladies & gay/bisexual men: Have you ever met a guy with an amazing body and an ugly or below average face?

There are some guys who have a phenomenal physique with muscles one could only dream of but their faces are harsh on the eyes. I know one guy in particular who has a great body but his nose is huge, long, and wide and it doesn’t compliment his thin lips. It’s not even the sexy long, wide type of nose like Adrian Brody but just a really odd looking nose. He’s so arrogant and constantly flaunts his body but his body is pretty much the only thing that makes him attractive. I’ve met several guys like this who are all cocky because they clearly take care of their bodies and have a great shape but their faces are nothing special and I wouldn’t even call them hot if they were skinny/had no muscle. What do you think? What’s it like dating a guy like this if you like his body but his face fails to turn you on or turns you off all together? Discuss!

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  • With people like this, often times as you get to know them you learn to find them attractive


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