Should I cut contact with her? I'm not sure what to do. Please help?

So I have been friends with a girl for just over 2 years. We like hanging out with each other. Etc but recently I have developed feelings for her more than a friend, but I have a feeling that she might like another guy. Im unsure on what to do. Do you think I should tell her how I feel about her? I know this might break the relationship/friendship completely. But when I hang out with her or even text her as a friend it doesn't feel right anymore.. Should I cut contact with her? I'm really stuck.


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  • Don't tell her. You already assume that she likes someone else. Also, wow, you've been friends for 2 years and you want to cut contact with her simply because you developed feelings for her? Some people make no sense.

    • I don't men entirely cut contact. I value the friendship I have with her, it's just that my feelings at the moment make it hard to be 'normal' around her. I'm just thinking whether if I take a largish break from seeing her, whether I can lose these feelings and go back to normal with her.

    • Though the problem then is that she may wonder why I want to do that if don't tell her the truth

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