Whats ur opinion on this guy? What was he wanting to talk about at 1am? IS he too embarrassed to talk to me,*srry about spelling, had 2 make it fit*?

there's this guy @ school & a couple weeks ago got my # & we started talking. He would text me everyday and visit me during brunch/lunch. He figured I liked him & I knew he had a thing 4 me bc he wudn't start talking/hanging w/me for nothing.1 night, we had a 2hr long convo & he told me that he liked me & another girl-Emily-equally. The next day, we had plans 2 go 2 the movies together & he canceled last min. Then I told him I respected his choice, but I'm not going 2 be in a comp w/Emily & prove myself 2 him. We continued 2 talk but he stopped coming during brunch/lunch. His texts became less frequent but he almost always sat w/me after school. I pulled back bc I thot he was losing interest and "choosing" Emily. when I pulled away, he started talking 2 me again & in a convo, invited me 2 his place 2 watch a movie+cuddle (we're not sexually active). after a few days, he started acting uninterested again. On Monday, we facetimed & he said he liked me & wanted 2 kiss me, but didn't want to date me. SO, bc he said this to me, I told him I just wanted 2 b friends bc I was scared of being hurt by him. He covered his embarrassment by acting way to cool about it. When I went to bible study on wed, I didn't go out of my way 2 talk 2 him. Thurs, he came up 2 my sister after school & asked where I was. She said I wasn't there & asked him if he still liked me. He got rlly serious and said yes. Then she said "don't you like Emily", & he said no. Friday, he came up 2 me & my friends & was trying 2 show off 4 me but I ignored him. My friends were and I were talking about another guy in front of him as well. Then said 2 my sister, "don't get mad for your sister and I not dating" & walked away. That night @ 10 I sent him a text trying to explain lowkey y I friendzoned him, but he didn't understand it. At 1am, he asked me if I was still up and I at 2, (whn I got the message) and the next day never replied. I txd him asking if evrythng was ok and now I feel he is ignoring me...


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  • this is just a case of establishing clear boundaries. he wants something casual, and you want something more formal - dates, you and him as an item, etc. you have to make it clear that things between the two of you aren't going anywhere unless they are formal. you don't need to act disinterested, or talk about other guys in front of him because this will hurt his feelings and he won't understand why you're doing it. just make it clear to him from now on that you ARE interested - but only in something that's official and moving at a steady pace. that's all you've got to do.

    • Thank you for the reply! Do you think he has stronger feelings for me and ignoring me because he is embarrassed... because why would he tell my sister that he liked me and not the other girl knowing it would get back to me. Also, do you think he wanted to tell me how he truly felt about me at 1 in the morning but then when he woke up lost the confidence to? He didn't text me all day and then at 9 I asked him if everything is ok and he still hasn't responded and its been a day... why? do you think he's ignoring me, lost feelings, or is embarrassed? I really want to ask him if we can talk, is this too forward/pushy?

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    • Uh, it's hard to say if I'm not him. It could have been the case or he might have just been bored and wanted to chat. I think he'd have replied some point the next day though if he was really that bothered.

    • thanks for MHO

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  • You're wasting your time with him.


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