Hmm boy troubles?

Ok I recently got dumped
And I was heart broken hurt He broke up with me saying if you don't feel comfortable with my friends then we can't be together
(He tells he's friends my business... there rude there thiefs.. there not my type of people) I didn't dislike them at the time I was just uncomfortable
I avoided going there

I got over him pre quick
But unfortunately for him he didn't He was regretting it
Wanted me back said sorry so many times ask to see

We got back together and I've noticed this change
He tells me he loves every minute
He hugs me heaps kisses me etc

But I seriously can't stand he's friends any more
He told me that they were excited to see me and when I saw em I hardly got a hello
There uncomfortable to be around

And the fact that he tells them my business is like wtf


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  • If he shares your privacy with them then it's crystal clear that they are more important than you :P


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  • If he genuinely cared he would not bring you around them or tell them your personal business.. since he cannot even simply do that small thing for you he is not worth it. Tell him if you do care and want me in your life our personal information needs to stay between us.

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