We like each other but he's in a long distance relationship?

I like him very very much, he likes me too, the problem is that he's in a long distance relationship. She cheated on him before and since then he is not the same with her, can't forgive her for that but she keeps pursuing him. Their relationship doesn't work but he can't really break up with her now, he explained me why, told me some reasons I can't write here, but they're serious, not a joke. I know it's not really ok from me , but I like him a lot, I don't want this to end... is it immoral? What should I do? Thank you!


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  • You should just let it play out and not do anything. Long distance is tough, but with hard work, it could work; you have to have as much communication and trust as possible for it to even have a chance and even then, often times it just doesn't work because of the distance and the amount you actually see one another. All you can really do is hope for the best


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  • ... Their relationship doesn't work but he can't really break up with her now...
    You have to Sadly Step aside @HollyG135 and just let this Sad story Play itself out.
    However, I also feel that this Deal could End up to always Some Sort of Full Circle Problem Pattern where even though he is with even another one day, he is going to find an Excuse to have to Explain Her Again... To Someone else.
    As hard as it might be, try and focus on you and perhaps set your Sights on Someone who is more Available and not Mixed up in a Twilight Zone.
    Believe me, after awhile, sitting around and watching him go through the Ins and Outs, you would Be... Praying it would End for your poor broken heart.
    close the Chapter when one day you want to find Closure in this Fairy Tale Wail.
    I can tell you Deserve better in getting the Short end of the Stick in His LDR.
    Good luck. xx

  • Move along, stop pining for someone else's guy. Its sad & tacky. There's plenty of other single guys to get to know. Never settle to be someone's sidechick.

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