How much is too much? If u just met someone for a month and you went out on 10 dates, is that a lot?

Lets say your hours are wildly diff and it makes it hard to meet up.

Also, would a girl/guy meet up with the same guy over and over if she is just "lonely"? Could she just be keeping me around until she finds that one she wants to marry and have kids with?


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  • If you have time to go on ten dates in a month then your schedule is clearly not making it hard to meet up, lol. It is normal to want to hang out with someone new a lot, so it all depends on the people. Sometimes people move too fast and once their brains catch up with their emotions they realize they might not be perfect for each other moved too fast. And other times it ends up great. There aren't any rules on this except it is normal to want to hang out a lot. Sometimes people date to have someone there and others only date people they are really into, also depends on the person...

    • It bothers me that I can't tell whether she is just lonely or wants to hang out with me specifically. How can I tell?

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    • I got accused of being dragged out because i always agreed to what she wanted to do, whereas i only picked out a couple of things to do. The way i see it, i like her, and i dont mind doing any of the things she suggests but she's mentioned it several times. whats the deal with that?

    • She wants you to take charge and initiative. It is masculine in a way to do that too. So, try deciding or thinking about more things to do.

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  • I personally can't waste time on someone I'm not interested in romantically. Not because I don't want to but because I literally can't lol I can't force myself or pretend to have feelings for someone when it's just not there for me. I prefer to spend time alone and do my own thing then to spend time with someone I don't enjoy. That being said, I do have a friend who will hang out with a guy just because he gives her attention and she craves that kind of attention. She's the type that needs a man in her life no matter what, even if she has no intentions on dating him in the future. So depending on the type of girl she is, it could go either way.

    • Yea, same here, I can't do the pretending thing, as I'd also literally rather be by myself doing my own thing.

  • Yeah thats more than the average to start I would say, usually Id see them once a week and then more often but then again it depends on how much free time you have.


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