Do I rightly feel played?

I was friends with this guy since September, he started asking me out in January, we finally went on a date mid-April and dated until he broke it off the first week of May during finals week (we go to the same college but I live in a different city that's over a mile away). He didn't talk to me for almost a full month. The first text from him wasn't an apology or a "how are you," it was a casual comment about how hard it is to find new jokes. We started texting normally, and he knew I was looking for an apartment around school so I wouldn't have to commute, but since my parents are paying they had to approve of it first. The minute my parents agreed to one, I let him know. We had gone up to visit the apartment, and I stayed in the city to hang with friends when my parents went back down to the city we live in. He invited me to go over to his place. I thought it would've been a booty call, but instead the minute I got there he wanted to sit down and just talk for over an hour. Then he treated me to pizza. Then he wanted to watch a movie. The whole night I kept a distance between us, and he called me out when we were laying down watching the movie. I told him I was just laying there and that if he wanted to come closer he could move. He then took my had and scooted closer to me. Eventually we were cuddling, but I got uncomfortable and went to move away. When I did so, he whined, "nooo," and pulled me even closer than I was before. I mentioned that I was feeling cold and wanted to use the blanket, and he poked a little fun at me by reminding me that I was hot when I walked into the room. He started to sing, "you're hot then you're cold," but he got the lyrics wrong. Lyrics are my super power, so I sang the right lyrics. When I said, "we kiss we make up," he pulled me in by my chin and softly kissed me. We went back to watching the movie for a while, but we didn't finish it. We ended up spending almost the entire next day together too, mostly just talking and cuddling.

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He had previously texted me, right after we broke up, that he thinks I'm a cool girl but that he doesn't have feelings for me. Also, he hasn't spoken to me since I went over to his place a few days ago.


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  • This isn't a Disney movie OP


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  • So this happened after you guys broke up? Or did it happen before the break up?

    • After. This happened Thursday night, Friday

    • If he hasn't contacted you since then it does put a booty call spin on things. Before you said that though it kind of sounded like he wanted to start things back again