How should I ask her out?

There is this girl I saw once who works at at the reception of the appartment complex I just moved into. Gorgeous, 10/10, definitely the most beautiful girl I have seen in a long time. About mid 20's, I am 21.
I want to ask her out but its so problematic. She has only talked to me once at her work setting, so she doesn't really know anything personal about me.

The two ways I see are that I can, one, go to the reception right before it closes, because then there won't be people waiting at line to watch me embarasses myself. But when I was there, there were 4 receptions who worked side by side with her and you get allocated to the first one available to help you. So even if I get to her desk, and there is no queue, and I have an excuse to actually consult the her, there will be 3 other receptionists by her side to watch me, again, probably making a clown of myself.

My other option is waiting outside the lobby closing time, I know the opening period, and go up to her as she leaves to go home. But I'm pretty sure she'd think I was a creep.

Any tips, how can I ask her out?


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  • Well the first one you don't HAVE to have an excused to consult with her, if they call you up and you're not in line for her next, you can let someone behind you go ahead, or you can say "I'm actually waiting to talk to her :)"

    Haha honestly any way you go about it I feel like other people will be aware of it, so I would suggest you just go for it. I don't know for me personally I like more forward guys, so I would just introduce yourself and say you'd like the opportunity to get to know her outside of work if she'd be interested?

    • Do you think I should start of asking for some information regarding my new flat and then right before I leave just subltly ask if she would like to have cofee? Or should I go straight up asking her out, that is she'll know the sole purpose I came around was to pursue her?
      Also when I was there, there were no queues, but as I was talking to her she was surrounded by 3 other receptionist, all elderly ladies in their 60s. If feel like they would sit their and observe and judge me as I try to ask her out.

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    • What exactly would it mean to cross the line?
      And I have no clue when her shifts are during the day, I can only then go for it right before it closes which would technically be the end of her last shift.

    • Yea so just do that. Like don't make her feel like she has to deal with personal issues during work. Like asking her out in the middle of the day when there are a bunch of people in line obviously wouldn't make any sense and I could see her getting annoyed at that.

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