Would it creep you out (girls)?

Girls if you like a guy and had a really good first date, if the guy texts you everyday, would it creep you out? Also if he told you that he had strong feelings for you in a romantic way after only 2-3 weeks of knowing each other, would that creep you out?


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  • yea it would for some girls...

    the texting part it would creep anyone out cause it'll make them feel and uncomfortable and for some it'll make them feel trapped

    the sharing part... keep it for yourself until ur sure of those feeling and when it the right time let yourself know who is the other person is... maybe those feelings are JUST a crush

    • Okay well I do text her a lot but I don't want to trap her. Should I just let her text me only?

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    • You got it girl.;-)

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  • it would depend on my age...I'm 21 so no it wouldn't...if I was below 18 ya it would...it would also depend on my previous relationship experience...i don't have much so ya it would be kinda new and it would freak me out...if I had a lot then it would be fine cause I'd have people to compare him to...so it depends...so depends on how much time you guys spend together...if it was often then no...if not often then YA it would...also depends what the texts say: if its TOO much texting and pointless stuff then ya...if actually good convo stuff then no...

    help me please! answer my most recent question! thanks

    • Well we're both 19 and the texts are just about how our day was and just stories really. It seems like she enjoys it but I don't want to creep her out.

  • yes, a guy just did that to me and I stopped texting him back because the more I thought about it the more it creeped me out. But he hasn't texted in about a week. I also don't really like when people call or text me and don't have anything to say and expect me to just talk to them all night, I have things to do that usually don't involve hours of conversation every night. Basically when guys come on strong at all it just drives me away. I don't think you can tell if you really like someone after a few weeks, you can tell if you're physically attracted to them right away but for me it takes awhile to decide I want something more and if you feel that way immediately don't tell me because you'll scare me away.

  • The texting part wouldn't creep me out as much as the telling me he had strong feelings for me would. For many reason's that would def make me uncomfortable.


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