Did you go through a hard time but find a relationship eventually?

hey there.
alter ego here. so GAG, is this narrative true? Do all people go through a hard time, get rejected and heartbroken over and over again, but then find that special someone who it MAGICALLY works with?

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  • We can go through many people and waste our time with failed relationships, deal with missed opportunities, and rejection, but then we'll find someone. And it can be wonderful and you'll get married, OR it'll be wonderful and end, but the most important thing that you get from this is experience and knowledge. So each time you become better and you learn what you want from someone and what you're willing to tolerate or not. Thats the upside to break ups.

  • I believe everyone goes through hard time and find love. But it's not always mean relationship. I think we go through it to learn to love ourselves. I think that's why so many people end up in good relationships after they've gone through hard times


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