He said "let's see how long this lasts" after I told him I will respect him and stop texting him, is he playing game?

So I'm super abscess about him, he chased me but I fall into love with him too fast after that... We did everything and he now says he never liked me and I should stop contacting him... because literally, I texted him every single day and he is very annoyed as he said.

The thing is, he always just block me in the past when he feels I am getting too emotional about us (twice), but he always unblock me or find a way to establish contact again... I told myself and him few time already that I will stop contact him but I almost never keep my words.

Now he doesn't block me anymore, he just texts me back and says" stop texting me" or "Its too much pressure" etc... He told me that I should respect his wish... Because after all this he doesn't even have physical attraction towards to me anymore... and I felt really bad this time so I said okay, I will respect ur wish because I want to try for your love. And he replied " good, let's see how long this lasts" ...

it has been 4 days now, we didn't talk... I know he problerly doesn't into me that much, what should I do so then I can win him over? He was a very nice guy at the beginning, I wanted relationship immediately and he got bit turned off. Coz the way he talks just making me feel he doesn't want me to disappear either...


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  • If it were a guy posting this he would be hounded for being creepy. But it's sweet and cute because it's a girl. Double standards in dating are awful. With that said, this situation sounds horrible for any guy or girl to go through so I wish you all the best.

    • I've never met anyone who thinks that's cute on a girl, either. On guys it's seen as creepy/possessive and on girls it's clingy and needy. It's not considered a desirable trait on either gender

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  • He said "let's see how long this lasts" because he knows your pattern, that is you say you won't talk but then you give in and talk. You ask how can you win him over--the best way to try is by sticking to your word and REALLY do not text him or come in contact with him at all. IF he cares at all about keeping you in his life, he will talk to you after a while--I don't know how long, maybe a few days, weeks or even months. If he does not talk to you, you have your answer and you need to move on. But right now it is clear he needs space. I have known someone who would randomly choose to ignore me or he thought I was clingy or texted too much. When I stopped talking to him, every single time he would come back in contact with me after exactly THREE days. Yes I had my pattern, and he had his too. When you stop trying to talk to him, you will find that (if he cares at all) he will start to wonder where you went and will begin chasing again. If he doesn't want you in his life, you will not hear from him. I know this is very hard because you fell deeply in love with him. My suggestion is that you have to delete his number so you are not tempted. I wish you the best! :*

    • We had good time at the earlier stage, he was chancing me and he was texting crazy if I don't reply him and so on. But later on he was sacred of how much he falls in - he told me he doesn't want a relationship -with anyone. So we stopped talking for 4 months, until it was new year and I said happy new year and we start seeing each other again. He knows I like him, and he still came back, but now he is off again, because He feels pressure from me - I texted him everyday and wanted to see him... And tbh, tho I never said anything, I don't really want him to see other girls at all, even we are not girlfriend boyfriend yet... It has been 5 days, we didn't talk at all, I saw he is following other girls on INSTAGRAM and I am worried that he just doesn't care at all...

    • I understand how painful this is--even just the "wait" to see if he texts you is agonizing. You are doing good by holding back from talking and should keep it up. I also suggest you don't look at his social media, it's torture to yourself! He says he is "scared" and I think he thought things were moving too fast for his comfort. Most guys start to get scared" and pull back as soon as they feel they don't have space and are being smothered. Space is very important, even if you are in a relationship and both crazy about each other, space is a need for the guy. So continue to give it to him and if you don't hear back then you know that the issue is not just space but that he does not feel the same way. Also I don't know what you mean when you say "we did everything". If you two did anything intimate and he pulled back after that, it is possible he was mostly looking for physical fun and not an emotional connection.

    • U are absolutely right! I got my mind cleared up, I don't want to be someone's side bitchs while I can be other's Queen. In fact I don't want to be anyone's anything because I am myself. I think I have to hold the ground on that - love myself, so the others can love me as well. I want to give him chance to have the "I miss her" feeling, I want him to wondering what am I doing and check my social media all the times just to find out... I want to proof him that he doesn't know my pattern that well because he never really tried to know me yet apart from physically. I want to give him a chance to actually know me and show me himself. And I think this is a basis of a relationship and I think this silent moment is a great opportunity to become better and stimulate the whole"chemical reaction" between him and me. I shouldn't go despreted, instead, I should actually be active, hyper, go to gym, take care of myself and love myself :)

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  • Stop chasing him girl!
    He seems isn't interested in you anymore so why all your useless efforts?
    You don't keep your words, so he knows your pattern too well.
    His words seem like a bit ironic teasing you to me.
    And don't push into a relationship if one of you isn't interested, that will only leads to further sorrow in the near future.
    Sorry for being a bit harsh but good luck to you.

  • He lost interest

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