Have you ever met someone and felt this amazing energy and felt this could be the one?

From the moment I met him it was very playful. I did a silly peek around the corner at him and he did it back to match me. He heard me say I like dancing and he said he needs a dance partner! Then on Facebook I requested me and he quickly accepted. He tells me beautiful deep thoughts. The first one made me cry tears of joy and relief! And I looked outside after I texted he was the bright spot in my day. But I went outside to find a picture of some reflecting light to say here is my bright spot but I looked up and saw this in the sky like God himself created this bright spot in my day!!! Have you ever met someone and felt this amazing energy and felt this could be the one?
And I sent him the picture and he got sappy about it back and when I posted about it on my Facebook status he immediately liked it! And he has his own business that just went public he is commuting the next couple months to that and his kids but he messages me and sends me sweet messages so I know he is thinking of me. And he is always thinking of perfect places to take me. And scheduling me into his very busy days! He messages me in the middle of the night when he can't sleep. He is absolutely adorable. I feel like this could me the moment I met the one significant soul mate!!! I feel blessed each moment how he treats me and how he makes me feel! It started out like this from Day 1


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  • Oh, I'm so happy for you.
    I wish I have


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  • I've never had the connection wig someone so soon

    • Well we hit it off instantly but we have known each other about a month and a half before he asked me out

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