Girls, what do you GENUINELY appreciate in a guy?

I'm smart (do well in school)
I'm in a somewhat good shape
I consider myself a gentleman
Some call me good looking
I have money
I have a clean sense of humor
I don't swear (idek if that's a pro)

I'm a total nerd and I play video games
I don't get jokes sometimes...
I'm a bit lazy when it comes to household chores

The thing is I've been in a relationship ONCE and the girl kinda... used me. What am I doing wrong?

Ps. I used to be the kind of a guy who tried very hard to be one of the "cool kids" but never really made it.

Forgot to mention that I can draw pretty well.


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  • You're not doing anything wrong, you just haven't found a girl takes interest in the things you like.
    But me personally I like guys that are completely confident.

    • I guess that's how it is. Nerdy girls seem to be pretty rare nowadays...

  • Someone who is genuine

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