Would you still keep seeing this guy?

This guy online was into the cannabis industry. I didn't think too much about it or care. Says he doesn't do drugs on his profile or smoke. He's cute. He's in the dispensary business. He sells or "delivers" weed to customers. He thought about selling mushrooms but decided not to. When we talked he would always say he's packing up things and would have white things on his fingers and because he was packing boxes. That it gave him a euphoria feeling. Never stated what the white stuff was. We meet. He wears the same thing twice on the two days we hung out. He paid for my food and cooked for me. He would smoke big blunts about 2 times with me. Smoked cigarettes. Still had his exes stuff in his car and home. Stated he got them a long time ago. Has two phones because of his work. Says he's trying to change himself. When he drove me around he speeds and almost got us into a crash. He drives high. Got pulled over from the cops just randomly. Despite all of that you look over it and at the end he says he likes you. He doesn't try any sex with you. Then ignores you for 4 days saying he's busy. After you confront him, he says you're irrational and unhealthy. In the end he ignores you again. Would you still chase him? He's a kind guy and smart as well. He goes to school for psychology.

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What Guys Said 1

  • I would if "I" were a girl stay with him. Maybe help him keep himself tiddier and more clean.(not refrencing the drugs but the fact he wears the same outfit I'd be concerned thats all he has.)

    • Okay. I don't stay with him. He lives on his own. He has a house but wears the same thing. Has a few pair of shoes but only wears one pair. I didn't see any other clothes in his home. He gave me a tour. The house was mainly for his "plants". All his pictures is of him wearing the same shirt, jacket and pants.

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't do anything related to drugs of any sort

    • Ok didn't ask that. Would you stay with him if you really liked him though? Even if his lifestyle isn't your kind of lifestyle at all.