Dating between men and women?

What are the greatest differences between the troubles and problems between men and women when it comes to dating? Do you get asked out, do you approach? Do you succeed in talking to the opposite sex?


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  • Women find it hard to land on a guy who's interested in a serious relationship, while men have to deal with the inconstancy of women and the fact that women have more people to choose from.


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  • I found pursuing women was a waste of time. I had plenty express an interest in me first so it was much better to just choose from them. Same goes for initiating sex, let them do it, saves a lot of hassle. Women almost always seem to want to control men and chasing after them just makes it easier for them to do that.

    The biggest problem facing women as I see it was perfectly encapsulated in the Kurosawa film 'The Seven Samurai'. The villagers want to hire samurai to protect them from bandits but all they have to offer is food and lodging. Not really worth risking your life to fight for for most samurai. Women have a similar problem they only offer something the kind of men they want can get anywhere. Or as they put it in the film.

    "The weak ones are useless and the strong ones we can't control."