Should I go out with other guy who asked me out or am I bound with the current guy?

So I was out with this guy for a month and we had four dates in total. He is a really really nice guy for all I know from these 4 dates but he have not messaged or even said a word in past 5 days. Even last two times it was me who began the conversation. I understand he had his sisters wedding last weekend but the why not even message on Monday (5 jun 2016)? I also told him its my birthday soon in June but he still have not contacted back. It was him who asked me out and pursued. What could have been the problem here? Meanwhile 2 others guys have already asked me out.


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  • Once you accept a date you should not be accepting dates from anyone else in my opinion. If you want to date someone else because guy #1 isn't floating your boat, then you need to break up or tell the first guy it isn't working out. Then you accept the date from the second guy. Put yourself in his shoes, how would you feel if you found out he was seeing someone else behind your back!

    • If he does not want me to do like this why isn't he messaging? He literally works near my dormitory and stays in the same city like 3 train stops away...

  • You should at least explore the market. I mean you two aren't an item yet are you?

    • We did not speak about it. I just remember he called his last girlfriend as a former girlfriend but does not mean I am the current one.

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    • If he doesn't do anything for you this Friday, then yeah move on from this and find a better guy for you that you deserve

    • Though he might not know that I have birthday this Friday even though I mentioned this to him once. I dont expect him to remember it. Still lets see. . . At this point I really do not feel good. Thank you for patiently helping me out :)

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  • it looks like he lost interests for some reason which explains his silence and you initiating contact only. So yes you should go out with the other 2 guys who want bc this one is falling off. This is the part of dating i hate bc you never know how its gonna go esp when things seemed good, you just dont know what people are looking for.

    But yes, you continue on with your life. Never chase a man and know you have other options and are gonna be just fine. So do not contact him or do anything no more.

    now you may hear from him again. maybe. if so, he is just not that serious about dating and not even trying to be into you. Busy? No one is that busy. Trust me, he is looking at his phone everyday and has your number. Men make time for who they want to make time for no matter how busy.

    • Yes I really dont know what happened to him. We even decided to go to graduation together before 5 days and going to take out graduation robes together. He also didn't push me for sex or something. Told me we will go with the flow.