Met a guy that I like... think he likes me or not? Help a brother 🙋🏻?

So yeah. I've been friends with Ryan's younger brother Stuart for about 6 years now. We went through high school together. On and off, it was evident that Stuart liked me, but I only saw him as a friend.

However about 2 years back I met Ryan on a night out. We didn't speak much, but I knew he was someone I could get on with. He asked for my number but at the time I didn't have a phone. So as result we couldn't be in touch.

During that time I never saw Ryan again and got with the guy who's now my ex. So, by chance, and strangely enough... I'd been thinking of Ryan lately. I then ran into him on a night out 3 weeks ago. This time, I had a phone... so we exchanged numbers.

Since then he's taken me for a walk down the beach and then we had ice cream. We've spoken everyday since we've exchanged numbers but haven't did anything since we first met. Although he has suggest golfing and joked about me cooling down on his tiles at his house (I was too hot and he'd said they were good for cooling).

Either way I rarely like anyone. But there's something about him... I feel myself liking him more each day and wanting to see him again. Just don't know if it'll be the same way or not for him.

What do you think?

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  • He likes you. Trust me a guy would not talk on the phone with you every day if he didn't like you. Facts. Also he even invited you to his house to cool off and you and him went on a date. If you like him try to meet up with him in person if your not to busy.

    • Thanks. It's not talking though, it's texting? Not sure if that still counts haha. I'm not sure if he was kidding about chilling on his floor or not haha. And, was our night with the ice cream considered a date? Haha. I'll try!

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    • Thanks very much! You are really kind :)

    • Your very welcome.😃

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