I am about to friendzone him. Am I right? HELP?

So after talking for four months before meeting for the first time. we have never talked about relationships, sex or anything like that over the net... we only have normal conversations and laugh. I meet him some days ago and we got along pretty quick... and talked for hours. Almost at the end of the conversation he mentioned that he would love to have sex with me. I was shocked... and no we didn't have sex that day.

Came home. Told him that I had a great day. He said the same and apologized for his behavoir... and asked me to hang out again another time. We been talking a lot since then (everyday)...

Too be honest I am not really intrested if it is only about sex (been there, done that... It crashed after four months. I learned my lesson. NEVER AGAIN). So I want to offer him a friendship actually.. Good idea? (cause it is impossible to make someone fall for you. Right?).. I want him to get to know me as a person. Cause we would be a good match (as friends).

So what should I do?

And yes. I am attracted to him, I would love to have sex with him (but I will fall in love. I am 100% sure).

he just asked me on a date and I turned him down. He seems upset.


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  • no such thing as the friendzone

    • thanks for ba

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  • I think you're right. Looks like he's just looking for a friend with benefits

    • I have done that... I am not doing it again

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  • You say that you are not interested if it is only about sex... the chances are that it was always 'only about sex' but the guy is either going through the motions to dress that fact up or just comes straight out with it like this one did.


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  • Or you could be friends and be open to something later on

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