Not texting back? Was it a date?

Not texting back?:
I've been friends with a guy at school for awhile now, we haven't been very close until recently. Before we got closer I tried texting him but he'd reply a few times then stop. Since we've gotten to know each other more he has been texting more than he usually would but this past week he hasn't responded at all. When I saw him at school I asked and he said his charger broke and that he couldn't respond. A few days later I asked again (he was obviously on social media so I figured his charger worked now) he said his niece dropped it in water and it broke. I'm not sure If I buy that, do you think they're just excuses?

Was as if a date?:
we went to see a movie together and walked around the mall a few hours beforehand. He wanted to buy some candles so we went to a shop, they had a sale and he ended up buying me a candle. After that we went to see the movie and nothing happened, when the movie ended we went outside and when I made a casual remark about how cold it was he gave me his jacket. Honestly I'm not sure if he likes me and in your opinion do you think it was a date?


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  • He's treating you okay, but he's giving you total bullsh*t. No, his charger never broke and no, it didn't get destroyed by water. That's just plain bs even a fool will suspect that.
    He doesn't text you back maybe to give you the message that he isn't desperate or he doesn't 'need' you?

    • That's what I keep thinking :/ Despite the casual remarks he's really nice in Person and he kinda gives me signs that he's interested.

    • That's the charming moves of a player my dear

    • Should I just stop talking to him completely?

  • Yeah it was a date


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  • For your first question, he could be on a computer and not his phone, thus the access with no texting.

    And the second, yes it was a date

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