How does a guy ask a girl out the right way?


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  • In what way as in asking for the first date, or asking to be in a relationship?

    • for the first date

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    • Get her on her own too.
      Make it clear it's a date.
      Don't act creepy because that may scare her.
      Have an idea for something to do.
      Be prepared to have to pay for it yourself. At that age, while she may be willing to pay for herself, she may be too shy to know how to ask you about who is paying or offering to split the costs.

      Good luck <3

    • thanks for the advice

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  • There is no right way. What works for girl A won't necessarily work for girl B or girl C. And what works on them might not work on girls A or D.

    Generally you have to build rapport with a girl so she has some level of comfort with you and then ask her out.

  • Do you mean the successful way? Because you can ask the right way and still not be successful.