What should I do please help me?

my girlfriend at in a bad time. I tried to get further than I have before. I was grabbing her boobs n stuff but as soon as I asked about the other she got pissed. I did it before but I haven't seen her for a week and I didn't know if she went to her moms cuz she said no cuz she wasn't to go get on birth control. And she gotnpissed and I asked if I could call her and she said after I get out of shower then she said I'm out but my friend is coming to get me n she will get pissednifni galk to u all day I was like okay then. She was like I can text then. I said no I don't want to cuz if she's more important and I never got to say sorry for what I did cuz she left. And she said I'm not choosing u or her m stuff n I said if it's not gonna work then cuz it broke my heart. She said ig not if u don't get that I'm not chosing you. I was like okay. She was pissed sense ten and now we was
trukng to talk about it again an she said I'm going to fall asleep I said hold on. I want to talk and I texted her brother and she's just laying down to go to sleep.


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  • You're 15! Go play with your lego or something!
    Kids nowadays...

    Anyway, she told you "no". Leave her alone for a bit.


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  • Learn how to use proper English

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